An Interpretation of Powerful Knowledge for History Education

At the moment, I combine teaching with pursuing a PhD at the Institute of Education at University College London which, according to its slogans, encourages innovative and disruptive thinking. One of the ideas that has created quite some attention is the formulation of Powerful Knowledge (PK) by Professor Michael Young. Since the beginning of this... Continue Reading →

Lesson 7: Reading The Great Depression Like a Historian

The importance of the subject history is teaching valuable skills, which are essential in this 21st century society. The amount of information that each and everyone of us processes on a daily basis is uncountable. Unfortunately, we are not -yet- sufficient in distinguishing reliable sources from inadequate ones. The inspiration from this lesson is directly derived from the clear cut lessons created by the Stanford History Education Group in which students have to compare and contrast information from a variety of sources.

Tip #1: teaching skills with the news

At the moment, I am already preparing my history students for their exam next year. Hereby the curriculum is pretty much set; World War I and II. The students will have to be able to answer specific questions, which are according the regular recipe created by the international baccalaureate For example, for one exam students... Continue Reading →

Lesson 5 – Dividing Africa

Students re-enact the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 during which European countries divided Africa amongst themselves. The lesson makes the students realise how ignorant the Europeans were of already existing tribes and connections in Africa, and only concerned about their own gains from the continent. The lesson includes a script for each country, a selection of maps, and historical context. 

Lesson 4 – Writing Injustice

This lesson was linked to Anti-War protests during the Cold War. The focus was injustice in our current day society. During these two lessons, students created their own narrative about injustice, and thought of ways for them to get involved in a particular cause. This lesson is meant as an example of how history can be used to explore a general concept in past and present times, hereby developing reflective skills and awareness among students.

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