Lisbon versus the Orient

Many countries that once were great empires have a perception of decolonization as something only taking place in former possessed territories. However, Portugal’s need to decolonize its society became clear by visiting the Museum of the Orient. During the visit to the museum, Margaret Lindauer's approach of "The Critical Museum Visitor" was applied in order to examine spoken and unspoken messages by the museum.

Whatever Happened to Inter-Racial Love?*

Al-Andalus | The region of current day Spain at the time it was governed by Muslims between 700 - 1500 CE. During this time the region was home to Mozarabic Christians (Christians living under Muslim rule in Spain), Jews and Muslims. A peaceful coexistence of these three religions seems unlike in the world we are leaving today. This blog indicates the important role of women in creating such a tolerant society more than 1000 years ago in Al-Andalus. 

On a quest at the Rijksmuseum

A report of my visit, as a colonial historian, to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. During the visit, I did an attempt to answer the question whether or not the Rijksmuseum provides visitors with an inclusive narrative of Dutch art and history. 

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