2019: 100 years of Women for Peace

This blog post is about the highly interested Inter-Allied Women's Conference that took place during the Paris Peace Conference, which is unfortunately rather neglected in our collective memory of the treaty of Versailles. This blog post gives a little bit of background information about the women and how I taught about this conference using a website Thinglink.

Teaching Family in Grade 6

Ever since I started listening to the podcast Queer America from Teaching Tolerance, I realised how little time I spend on incorporating LGBTQ issues in my lessons. Therefore I wanted to do better and taught a lesson about “What makes a Family?” in grade 6, as a part of a unit about early human beings. This lesson is an example of how LGBTQ topics easily can become a part of one's curriculum.

Book tip: “Being the Change”

There is a need for culturally competent teachers in as well North-America as Europe. The content of Culturally Responsive Teaching is sometimes hard to translate in practical lessons, especially learning engagements that are appropriate and relevant in European classrooms. However, I found a resource that provides educators with hands-on activities and teaching strategies that supports... Continue Reading →

Thinking Metacognition: Understanding

Something that is not always at the centre of teaching is metacognition; teaching students how to learn and to become independent learners. Within the international baccalaureate these fundamental skills are called Approaches to Learning Skills (ATL Skills) and they intent to be the foundation of each unit. This blog post discusses the making of a thinking portfolio based on the principles of Visible Thinking. The aim is to empower students by encouraging independent learning when providing them with thinking routines.

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